Race Day

Our river is your river

Race Day Operations

Medals will be awarded to the first-place boat of each heat at the Medal Ceremony.

Coxswains may be thrown into the Susquehanna River once the docking area is clear.

There will be t-shirts on sale at the event for $10, but supplies will be limited.

We will also be selling previous years’ Busfield t-shirts for the price of ten dollars as well. The design of the 20th Annual Busfield Regatta official t-shirt will be posted prior to the event. Apparel is always available on our dedicated page, HERE

The Course

Lane markers will be every 500m on the shore in starboard side. Coxswains will follow a left-hand rule for both warm-up and racing. There is approximately 800m for warm-up, and approximately 200m between the finish line and the shore.

Alumni Information

Join in the fun at the boathouse with current and former team members. Spend the day by the river cheering your home team on. Remember to bring you uni along if you plan on participating in the alumni race, following the regatta.

An RSVP form will be sent to those subscribed to our listserve and made accessible on this page.

Any questions about alumni involvement in the Busfield Regatta can be directed to our Public Relations Executive,publicrelations@binghamtoncrew.org