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Current Fundraisers

Anniversary T-shirts: We are selling 25th Anniversary T-shirts for $10. Please email if you are interested in purchasing one.
Past Busfield Regatta T-shirts: We are selling t-shirts from past Busfield Regattas. Please contact with any questions.


Past Fundraisers

Erg-A-Thon:   In 2014, from noon to Thursday, September 11th to noon on Friday September 12th we worked as a team to keep an erg going for 24 hours nonstop to raise money for Global Medical Brigades.  In 2015, from noon Thursday, September 10th to noon on Friday September 11th we worked as a team to raise money for the Walk a Mile and the RISE Women’s Shelter. We rowed over 320,000 meters and raised more than $500.

Thank you for your continued support!