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Prospective Rowers

Crew is a sport that defines teamwork. Every morning, the team goes out and works together to row with one solid technique. If your heart is into it, and you feel like you are ready to meet the challenge, then the team can make you competitive in an extremely demanding sport and get you into the best shape of your life. There is no greater feeling than taking home a medal after a semester of hard work and dedication. Binghamton Rowing is a club sport and is completely student run. All of our volunteer coaches have extensive backgrounds in rowing and coaching and our student run executive board maintains the highest operational standards for the team. We compete among the best of the Division I teams and practice just as hard. No prior experience is required!

Recruiting Events

The best way to learn about the team is to visit us at a recruiting event. These events typically occur at the start of each semester and include: University Fest, Rec Fest, General Interest Meetings and more. Please visit our schedule page for more information on the details for these events. Additionally, updates will be posted from our Facebook Page  as well as B-Line with the details. Come check us out, and see if Binghamton Rowing is right for you! Can’t make it to any recruiting events? Please contact Co-Presidents at with any questions regarding joining the team.

B-Engaged, the “Club Sports Form”

Binghamton University Campus Recreation requires all members of a club sport to complete the participation form found online at the university website. All administrative information regarding joining a club is located at Please note that without completing this required form, any participants will not be cleared for official practice and competition, or be eligible to check out the Erg Room key at the East Gym. Questions regarding Club Sports administrative matters and the B-Engaged form can be directed to Assistant Director, Craig Dube at


Contributions are a way for members of the team to help cover the costs associated with all we do, such as travel, race entry fees, lodging, at more. These typically fall in the $200 range for each semester. If you have concerns regarding contributions, please do not hesitate to contact the Treasurer at Payment plans can be worked out on an individual and confidential basis. Money should not be a reason you are unable to participate!