It makes perfect

Many, many strokes

Primarily, practices take place at our Boathouse. Members meet at Mohawk (CIW) at 5:00 AM where car pools are filled. We aim to launch before 6 AM and be off the water before 7:30 AM.

You will NOT miss class! If you have an 8 AM class, please let your coach know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly to get you out of the boat and back to campus in time.

Drivers will be reimbursed $5.00 each practice. Your car must be registered with Club Sports. This can be done via B-Engaged. Any questions regarding reimbursements can be directed to the Treasurer at

In the winter, we are unable to practice on the river. Practices during the winter months are typically comprised of ergging, strength, and conditioning training and are generally held at 6 AM or 7 AM depending on the schedule.

Practice Schedule

Will be updated when this information is available.