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Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Championship

April 25th, 2015

Gifford Pinchot State Park

Lewisberry, Pennsylvania

Binghamton Crew traveled to Gifford Pinchot State Park to compete in the Division III Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Championship with competitive lineups and a field of skilled competition. Formerly known as the Atlantic Collegiate League Sprints Championships, the MARCC currently consists of seven Division III teams. They include Marietta College, Washington College, Bryn Mawr College, Franklin & Marshall College, Stockton University, Rutgers University- Camden, and North Park University. Johns Hopkins University and University of Mary Washington used to be in the conference, until they both decided to discontinue their varsity programs, in 2009 and 2014 respectively.

This year’s 2015 featured all seven Division III teams, along with University of Mary Washington, Susquehanna University, Haverford College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, New York Maritime, Cleveland State University, Stony Brook University, The College of New Jersey, and Binghamton University. This race had heats for the categories that I had enough entries, followed by Grand Finals later in the day. In order to qualify for the Grand Finals, a crew must have won their Heat, or finished within the four next best times.

Binghamton Crew started off their racing day with two Men’s Novice 4+ boats, which were both in Heat 2. Binghamton A finished their race with a time of 7:45.07, which placed them in third place in their heat. Binghamton B completed their race with a time of 8:17.51, placing them in fourth in their heat. Binghamton A and Binghamton B both missed qualifying for the Grand Finals.

The Women’s Novice 4+ raced after their male counterparts in Heat 2. The five women finished in first place, with a time of 8:35.4. Despite their victory in their heat, they were ranked third overall based on their time going into the Grand Final.

The Women’s Varsity 4+ raced in Heat 2, finishing their race with a time of 8:07.17. That time was good enough to help them finish second in their heat and second overall.

Two Women’s Novice 8+ boats raced next for Binghamton Crew, with the A boat in Heat 1 and the B boat in Heat 2. Binghamton A finished their race with a time of 8:13.25, placing them in second in their heat, and third overall based on time. Binghamton B finished their heat with a time of 8:54.77. There were scratches that worked out in both crews favors, advancing both boats to the

Grand Finals.

After the break, the Women’s Novice 4+ raced in the Grand Finals, trying to race their best and medal in the process. The women raced as hard as they could, which resulted in a silver medal! They finished with a time of 8:36.62, falling to Maritime by 4.82 seconds.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 1.22.29 PM     The second Grand Final for Binghamton Crew was the Women’s Varsity 4+. Led by two seniors, the women had a fantastic sprint and all-around race and finished in second, resulting in the second consecutive silver medal of the day for Binghamton Crew. Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 1.22.43 PM   The Women’s Novice 8+ had two Binghamton boats competing in the Grand Final, both A and B. Binghamton A finished with a time of 8:36.43, which was good enough to earn them a bronze medal! Their impressive sprint helped them gain some ground on the surrounding crews. For the entire boat, this was their first collegiate medal while being on Binghamton Crew. Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 1.22.55 PM Binghamton Crew finished their day with the Men’s Varsity 8+ Grand Final. Due to not having enough entries, the men jumped straight to the Grand Final. After waiting all day, they finally took to the water to face off against very fast crews. The men finished with a time of 6:51.58, leaving them in 6th place. Washington College came in first, with a time of 6:14.31, followed by Marietta with a 6:14.62, and Mary Washington with a 6:36.25. The men’s time was very impressive and they will be a force at States next weekend.

Coming into this Division III race as a club team, some teams may have overlooked Binghamton Crew and their ability to compete at this level. After being able to come home with two silver medals and a bronze medal, Binghamton Crew has earned a spot among all of these teams, regardless of their club status. The MARCC was great competition for all of the boats put out by the various squads and we will hopefully be returning to claim more medals in the years to come. Binghamton was able to compete at a high level and did not let any setbacks get in their way of doing what we traveled hours to do.

New York State Collegiate Rowing Championship

 May 2nd, 2015

Fish Creek

Saratoga, New York

This is a change of venue from previous years, as it had previously been held in Whitney Point. The race has been held for 24 years. Whitney Point has hosted the race for the last 13 years. Saratoga’s course and venue proved that it was a good place to put on this event.

Binghamton Crew started off the day with the Varsity Men, racing in the V8+. The men came in 5th in their heat with a time of 6:51.6, which put them in the third final to face Geneseo. The Varsity Women were next, with an entry in the V4+. With their bow seat not available to attend the race, Monica, a novice rower, stepped up to the plate for the squad. The women came in 2nd in their heat and advanced to the Grand Finals with a time of 8:28.3. Following them was the Women’s Novice 8+, which has two entries in two separate heats. Binghamton B finished fifth in heat 1 with a time of 11:22.6. Binghamton A came in fourth in their heat with a time of 8:34.6. Both boats advanced to the Petite Finals, where they would each face Albany. The Women’s Novice 4+ was after, and they finished third in their heat with a time of 8:52.5. They advanced to the Petite Finals.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 12.28.55 PM The Men’s Novice 4+ was after, with two entries. Binghamton A got third in heat 2 with a time of 8:00.9, and Binghamton B got fourth in their heat with a time of 8:25.7. Both boats advanced to the Petite Finals. Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 12.29.08 PM Following a break, Binghamton Crew began its series of finals appearances with the Men’s Varsity 8+. They came in 2nd to Geneseo in the third final with a time of 6:53.2. Next, the Women’s Varsity 4+ raced in the Grand Final, and earned a silver medal with a time of 8:38.9, second only to Army A. Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 12.29.22 PM

The Novice Women’s 8+ boats then raced Albany in the Petite Finals. Binghamton A won, with a time of 9:02.6 and Binghamton B came in third with a time of 11:21.5. Next, Binghamton’s Novice 4+ won the Petite Finals comfortably with a time of 8:55.0. The boat beat two teams that were in the

Grand Finals with their time. The Novice Men’s 4+ boats raced in the Petite Final, with Binghamton A coming in second with a time of 7:58.9, and Binghamton B coming in fourth with a time of 8:16.9.

With unfavorable heat assignments and novice filling in for a varsity senior, the Binghamton Crew team had a strong presence at the State Championships. The Varsity Women were able to beat two Division 1 Programs and four Division 3 programs. This season has proved that Binghamton is able to compete with established teams. The team finished their weekend by visiting the Captain John J. McKenna, IV Military Courtesy room in the Albany Airport. Binghamton Crew will finish its season at the Aberdeen Dad Vail next weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 12.53.13 PM

Busfield Regatta 

April 18th 2015 

Owego, NY

The 18th Annual Memorial Regatta took place in full swing on April 18th, 2015. Three teams came out to race in beautiful weather at the Les Wagner Rowing Center in Owego, New York. The day began with the Men and Women Novice 4+. The women powered down the river beating Susquehanna with a time of 6:50.00. The novice men came next with a time of 8:46.00. The Men and Women Collegiate 8+ boats were next on the river. The Varsity Women came in first place by over a minute with a time of 7:03.00. Both Men’s A and B boat came in first and second with times of 6:29.00 and 7:17.00. Next down the river were the Women’s Collegiate Novice 8+ squads. The Binghamton novice women showed off their hardwork in their first spring race with times of 7:26.00 and 7:41.00. The final races of the day were the Men and Women’s Collegiate 4+. The women finished with a quick time of 7:23.00 beating out both Susquehanna and Oswego. The Men’s Collegiate 4+ race was moved and shortened due to river conditions, but that did not stop Binghamton. Binghamton A came in with a time of 3:26.00. Binghamton B finished the day strong coming in first with a time of 4:23.00. Overall Binghamton Crew members went home with plenty of medals and memories!

busfield busfield2 busfield3

On September 19th, Binghamton Crew hosted Learn to Row day. Learn to row day is set up to teach novice rowers how the boathouse works and how to carry and row boats. There were various stations that were set up to show the crucial elements of being on Binghamton Crew. We took everyone to the Les Wagner Rowing Center in the morning and they were separated into groups to cycle through the stations. The stations included: Parts of the Boat, How to Erg, Carrying a Boat, and Mechanics on The Water using a simulator with an oar handle.
The Head of the Genesee was held on October 3rd, 2015 in Rochester, New York. Due to high water levels, the 5k course was moved to the Erie Canal. Through the cold weather, Binghamton had a strong showing at the regatta. The Binghamton Men’s 4+ A earned a bronze medal in their race, being edged out by only Mercyhurst University and Ithaca College. The Binghamton Men’s 4+ B placed 10th out of 14. The Binghamton Men’s 8+ placed 11th out of 13. The Binghamton Women’s 8+ placed 9th out of 13, and Binghamton Women’s 4+ placed 14th out of 15th.  
On October 17th and 18th, Binghamton Crew travelled to Boston, Massachusetts to race in the Head of the Charles Regatta. The 51st annual Head of the Charles Regatta is the world’s largest two-day rowing event. This year, Binghamton Crew was fortunate enough to receive 3 bids for the race. We raced a Men’s Collegiate Four, a Men’s Collegiate Eight, and a Women’s Collegiate Eight. The Men’s Collegiate Four secured a returning bid for next year’s race by placing 17th out of 46th. The Men’s Collegiate Eight placed 40th out of 41 and the Women’s Collegiate Eight 29th out of 32 boats.
Binghamton Crew continued our spring racing season at the Metropolitan Regatta in New Rochelle, NY. The race took place on April 23rd in Glen Island Park and was hosted by Iona College and Brother Robert Novak. This was Binghamton Crew’s first time back at the Regatta since 2013, and it has certainly increased in size. The race course was a 2000 meter straight bay, directly off of the Long Island Sound. Medals were awarded to the top 3 boats of each overall event. The day of racing began with the semi finals of the Varsity Men’s 8+ race. Binghamton got 3rd in this qualifier, sending  them on to the finals in the afternoon. The Novice Women’s 8+ took the water next, finishing 3rd in their race with a time of 8:56.98. The Novice Men’s 8+ boats were up next, with the A boat coming in with a strong time of 7:20.55 and the B boat with 7:22.05. The Varsity Men’s 4+ took third in their heat with a time of 7:12.18 and took fourth place in the overall VM 4+ event. The Varsity Women’s 4+ A boat took 1st place overall in their event with a time of 8:03.20 beating out Fairfield by only .16 seconds. The Varsity Women’s 4+ B also fought hard against Fairfield B, coming in third with a time of 8:50.03. The Novice Women’s 4+ took 2nd place in their event coming in with a time of 9:07.53. The Varsity Men’s 8+ final finished up the day, coming in fourth with a time of 6:48.42, only 2 seconds shy of 3rd place’s time. Overall Binghamton came in 6th out of 13 teams in the standings.
Binghamton Crew kicked off our spring racing season April 16th at our own Busfield Regatta. This was our 18th annual Busfield Memorial Regatta at the Les Wagner Rowing Center. There were six teams in attendance, Oswego State, Schenectady County Community College, Stony Brook, Susquehanna University, University at Buffalo and the University of Scranton. The racing started bright and early on the Susquehanna River with the Women’s and Men’s Novice 4+ race. Binghamton Women’s Novice 4+ A  boat took 2nd place behind Oswego, with a time of 7:59. The Novice Women Novice 4+ B boat  took 3rd in their heat, with a time of 8:04. The Men’s Novice 4+ B boat took home the first gold of the day for Binghamton with a time of 7:15, beating out Susquehanna  by .5 seconds. The Men’s Novice 4+ A boat took 2nd in their heat, with a time of 6:59. The Women’s Varsity 8+ took 1st in their event, with a time of 6:34. The Men’s Varsity 8+ also took home 1st in their race with a time of 6:22. The Women’s Novice 8+ took 2nd in their race with a time of 7:16.5, only .5 seconds slower than 1st place. The Men’s Novice 8+ took 2nd in their race with a time of 6:44. There were 4 heats of the Varsity Men’s 4+ event, with 11 boats entered. The Binghamton C boat took 1st in their heat with a time of 7:21. The Binghamton B boat took 3rd in their heat with a time of 6:49. The Binghamton A boat took 1st in their heat with a time of 6:29. The day of races finished off with the Varsity Women’s 4+ events. Binghamton B boat came in 2nd in their heat with a time of 7:47. The Binghamton A boat finished 1st in their race with a time of 7:06. It was a beautiful sunny day at the boathouse, and lot of Binghamton Crew alumni and parents came out to support the team!
Binghamton Crew team wrapped up our regular racing season on April 30th by competing at the NY State Collegiate Championships at Fish Creek in Saratoga Springs, NY. The day began with preliminary heats for all boats with the top two boats from each heat advancing to the grand final. First was the Men’s Varsity 8+ who took 5th in their heat with a time of 6:53.12, followed by the Women’s Varsity 4+ boats with the A boat coming in1st  in their heat with a time of 7:51.00 advancing them to the grand final and the B boat coming in 5th in their heat with a time of 8:59.69. Next up was the Men’s Novice 8+ where our B boat finished 5th in their heat with a time of 7:34.92 and the A boat coming in 4th in their heat with a time of 6:53.58. After the men the Women’s Novice 8+ finished 5th in their heat with a time of 8:18.96 and the Women’s Novice 4+ came in 4th place in their heat with a time of 9:17.36. Those boats advancing to Petite Finals or Grand Finals raced again in the afternoon. This consisted of the Varsity Men’s 8+, the Varsity Men’s 4+, the Novice Women’s 8+, the Novice Men’s 8+ and the Varsity Women’s 4+. The Varsity Men’s 4+ showed well and placed 1st in Petite Finals edging out Marist, Union, Clarkson, Canisius, and NYU with a time of 7:19.81 and the Varsity Women’s 4+ showed well by winning 1st place by 3 seconds over Ithaca, Skidmore, Army, Marist, and Canisius to become the first Binghamton Varsity Women’s 4+ in the history of the race to win a state championship title.
The Binghamton Crew team wrapped up their Spring semester of racing on May 29th by competing in the ACRA National Championship Regatta in Gainesville, Georgia at the Lake Lanier Olympic Park course. The team arrived in Georgia on Thursday May 25th to practice on the course and familiarize themselves with the hot, humid environment. After a second day of acclimation and practice the racing began on Saturday May 28th with the preliminary heats for the Men’s single sculls. At 8:06am representing Binghamton Crew, Coach Dylan Hartwick placed 2nd in his heat with a time of 7:39.038 guaranteeing him a spot in grand finals the following day. Next the Varsity Women’s 4+ narrowly missed the automatic qualifying place of 2nd to Northwestern and Oregon with a personal best time of 7:46.072 (the 4th fastest time of the day in that event), and the First Men’s Varsity 4+ also came in 3rd narrowly missing the automatic qualifying place with a time of 6:59.533 to Michigan and UC Santa Barbara. To wrap up the first round of racing the Second Men’s Varsity 4+ came in 3rd in their heat to race for lanes in the grand final with a time of 7:28.503. After a break in the day racing began again to determine the boats that would be in the grand final. Repechages, meaning additional heats where the 1st boat in each heat advances to the grand final or semi-finals, began with the Women’s Varsity 4+ race. After sitting on the water for 35 minutes as a result of breakage, the Women powered through a large wake to finish 2nd to Ohio State with a time of 7:50.557 missing qualification for grand finals by 0.208 seconds and placing them in B finals. Next, the First Men’s Varsity 4+ came in 3rd in their heat to Grand Valley and Wichita State with a blistering time of 6:47.420 qualifying them for C finals. On Sunday May 29th Binghamton Crew’s final races began at 9:12am with a great performance by the First Men’s Varsity 4+ in C finals. The Men placed 3rd with a time of 7:03.707 beating Virginia Commonwealth, Alabama, Boston College, Washington University, University of Colorado, and Georgia. Next, Coach Dylan Hartwick placed 4th in the Men’s 1x grand final with a time of 7:42.178 beating Alabama, Michigan University, Michigan State, and Wichita State. At 11:02am the Second Men’s Varsity 4+ competed in grand finals as well coming in 6th with a time of 7:26.800. To wrap up the competition of racing the Women’s Varsity 4+ competed in B finals at 12:32pm coming in 1st with a time of 7:58.296 beating University of Colorado at Denver, Virginia Commonwealth, Georgia Tech, University of Illinois, Washington University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara. It was a great weekend of racing done by all.